My name is Andrea, and I help you with all things social media!

You are a passionate business owner who is bursting with ideas and brilliance to share to the world. You want to succeed, and you want your message and your business to reach your audience. But with your busy schedule, fully booked appointments, family and personal time… you get overwhelmed.

You know that leveraging social media can help you and your business. But you don’t have enough time in a day!

I can help you…

I’m a Virtual Assistant who found my passion and drive in managing social media.

I know that social media management is a daunting and tedious task and that it may take a lot of your time. Planning, strategizing, and posting your social media content can be a headache and sometimes you might feel it is not an essential part of your business.

I’ve met and known business owners and solopreneurs, just like you who thought that social media management is not an essential part of your marketing strategy and they neglected to establish their social media presence. When they acknowledge that they need help, it became a game-changer for them and their business.

Imagine your message reaches your audience with the help of social media, it will help build and grow your email list, increase website traffic, and generate new leads!


As an online business owner myself

I understand that we have to wear multiple hats. To grow and scale our business, we have to focus on our zone of genius and area of expertise, and for you, that means creating products, webinar content and talking to clients.

I started this business to help and support business owners like you. I believe your business should grow and your message deserves to be heard by your audiences and ideal customers.

If you want to establish your online presence and let your audience hear your message, let’s talk!

Random fun facts about me…

  • I’m a wife to a handsome husband (we all have handsome husbands!)

  • An avid Netflix viewer: Suits and The Designated Survivor.

  • A movie addict especially in the genre of Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, and Romantic Comedies.

  • I’m an ENFJ!

  • Social media is my jam!