The Desk Queen (TDQ) 

A registered nurse by heart, a supportive wife to her husband, an online freelancer by profession offering virtual assistance and social media management.

Her "ME" time is mostly about reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos about life, personal finance, expanding her skills as a virtual assistant and social media management/marketing.


What would we get in The Desk Queen?

Aside from TDQ’s unpredictable attitude towards blogging and sharing her thoughts, this website would serve two types of people:

For the readers and subscribers: TDQ plans on making free downloadable resources such as desktop and mobile phone wallpapers, cheat sheets/lists. That is however, a work on progress. TDQ is still in a work on progress and thus this website. She assures you that it’ll be a lot of fun!

For clients: The Desk Queen would serve as her portfolio on her services as a virtual assistant and Social Media Management.

Who are TDQ’s target audience?

As much as she wants to target younger millennials, she has accepted the fact that her mindset and her voice resonates the older millennials. Those who are in their middle 20’s, and also those who are in their 40’s. Her target audience is mostly female, working and looking for a job, career-shifters, busy women entrepreneurs, those who want to be financially free, and those who want to explore the world of online job. 

She would really love if you stay with her and watch her grow in this online world. 


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