Ever since I got married, the number 1 question my husband will ask me every week is “When are we going to the grocery?”

I don’t know about you, but when I’m asked with that kind of question I feel like our pantry is empty and we will be starved to death. But it’s not really the case. He asks that kind of questions because he can’t seem to find foods that would satisfy his cravings as of the moment. As you can see my husband loves to cook and to eat. The problem is, he wants to cook what he feels like eating at that exact time. So, I’ll never know what to stock our pantry with.

That was my dilemma for quite some time.

From then on, doing grocery and saving on our grocery budget has been my top 1 priority. I realize that we spend too much on the grocery and some of the items we bought weren’t consumed before their expiration date and they all went to the garbage. Which is “sayang” in terms of not consuming and in terms of money.

My solution?

I talked to my husband about it. And we both came to the agreement that grocery shopping will just be done every 2 weeks. “Parang sweldo lang, bi-weekly.” 

  Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

Here are our basic guidelines:

1. Have a budget for your grocery shopping and categorize them into two. For dry goods, which you can actually buy every other month depending on your consumption. And for the wet, frozen goods including the vegetables and fruits. Why? Because these items have a shorter expiration than the latter. And if you prefer them fresh, buy them on the day you are going to use them.

2. Make a grocery list. Before you make one, make sure you have done a pantry inventory. So that, you would know what needs to be put out in the garbage and what needs to be bought on that week or the next grocery shopping schedule.

3. Make a 2-3 days meal plan ahead. I like this weekly menu planner by Organised Home. If you don’t have any idea what’s a meal plan you can read it here and here.

4. Bring a calculator and let your husband do the calculation. So that he would know that you are already out of budget or if you are still on budget. “Para iwas din sa random selection sa grocery. 

5. Check your fridge if there are leftovers that you can spice up.

6. Communicate with your partner and be on the same page. If it’s hard to be on the same page on this matter, then at least compromise with each other.

7. Go grocery shopping after you have eaten. After lunch, after dinner, or after a snack. In that way, you wouldn’t have the urge to just pick anything you feel like you are going to eat at that time. You may call it a life hack.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that communication is a key and its fun to do grocery shopping with your partner.

How do you do grocery shopping to maximize your budget on it? Share your guidelines, and I’ll add it to mine. :)