Right after marriage, literally a day after the wedding, we moved into our tiny apartment studio. I couldn’t say the specifics of the floor area because I have not asked the landlord about it. All I could say is that it’s tiny, and it’s a studio type. It looks like a studio condominium but slightly bigger than the typical studio-type condominium. 

After my husband pops the question of marrying him, and after planning the wedding. We also talked about where we would live after the wedding. Are we going to live with his parents and brother? Or with my parents and siblings? It was a hard and tough decision since we were both close to our families. But we both decided and agreed to live on our own. And we are lucky. We all know how expensive weddings are these days, and we are thankful and grateful enough that we made a decent amount for our wedding and for the living after the wedding. 

As I can recall it was 2 months before the wedding when we were hunting for a place to live in. We agreed that it should be within our budget. It was hard to look for a place that is not only suited for our budget but also the other aspects of the environment, the neighbors, the accessibility and most especially —— space. It was a month before the wedding when we found — the one. When we saw it, we both agreed that it was perfect.

  Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

It has a spacious bathroom, a walled cabinet on the top of the sink, it comes with a 3 door closet already for our clothes, a 54x75 bed frame (without the mattress of course), and the landlord was kind enough to lend us a foldable dining table along with 3 plastic chairs. And take note, it was a tiled floor (including the bathroom), and it is air-conditioned!

For a year of living in a tiny apartment studio, I have made a list of 6 things I’ve learned.

1. To live below our means. I know that it should be within our means. But since we are still starting out it is better for us to live below our means. In order for us to have room for our savings. It doesn’t mean that we are married we should live in an apartment with 2 bedrooms or such. As I’ve always said to my husband, BABY STEPS. One step at a time, together, we could get there.

To buy things that are necessary and that should fit in our space. Since we already have a bed frame, a closet, a dining table, and chairs. We don’t have to spend on those things, for now. We only bought what’s necessary. A small sofa and we hired a carpenter to make us a cabinet stand where we could put our electric stove and rice cooker. An electric fan and we have enough money to buy a 34-inch flat screen. 

2. Utilizing the space means utilizing boxes and being organized.

3. Keeping the house clean is easy.

4. The smaller space, the more me and my husband are bonded. And the easier communication is.  And lastly;

5. Small space means a small problem.

It is a minimalistic living and I can say that it makes us more grounded and more mature in making our decisions. We wouldn’t stay here longer since we are planning to have a baby. And, also this is just temporary since we are buying ourselves our own house. BABY STEPS. 

Are you living in a tiny apartment too and what have you learned?