I have read many problems and questions on different Facebook groups I’m in. These are the common problems among business owners and their virtual assistants.


In this profession, communication is vital. Why? Mainly because of two reasons.

  1. Virtual assistants and business owners come from a different country with different language and have different time zones.

  2. They work remotely and that alone means they don’t see each other in an office as any traditional professions do.

Photo credits: designedbyjess (Pixabay)

Photo credits: designedbyjess (Pixabay)

These problems can be resolved before the start of any work, actually before signing the contract. The virtual assistant can and should inform the client about the tools he/she uses to communicate. This should be agreed upon by both parties. Aside from that, the working hours and the availability of both individuals should be clear. Like, working hours observed are from Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Any inquiries or requests made after those times will be answered to the next day.

Here are 5 communication tools that you and your virtual assistant can use.

  1. Skype. This is one of the most used communication tools. It has a free feature for Skype to Skype calls and instant messaging. Plus, you can use it on your desktop or with your mobile phone. Other than that, it also has features like file transfer, video calls, and screen sharing. Which is also important when giving instructions or client meetings.

  2. Zoom. This is the usual choice for video conferencing. It also can share screens simultaneously. But it is not a free tool.

  3. Slack. This communication tool was launched last 2014 and became the fastest growing business application in the history. You can create one channel for all of your teams or projects, making sure that the right people involved are in there. It has also featured: video calls with screen sharing, file sharing. They have also integrated other apps like, Google Drive, Zoom and others.

  4. Facebook Messenger. Because everyone is on Facebook, the Facebook Messenger has also been another communication tool used by some. Well, for the reason that it is accessible to everyone.

  5. Email. This is important because it is the most reliable form of communication, free and accessible. Email messages remain in our inbox thus it is very reliable with record keeping, and every business owner opens their inbox first thing in the morning. I mean, I do!

With these communication tools, you can easily communicate with your client and virtual assistant easily.

What are your favorite communication tools?