Money seems to be my favorite topic to talk about. Well, it’s not because I want to boast about my money management skills because I’m not. And I tell you, I’m no personal finance expert. I love talking about money because I want to help spread financial awareness to everyone, especially to my fellowmen. Because frankly speaking, I’ve seen many people who suffered from bad financial decisions and debt. And let’s just be honest about it, some even leave this debt as inheritances to their loved ones. To others, it is even a grounds for divorce and annulment. Yes, that’s true — the pain truth.

Being frugal doesn’t mean I’m cheap or that I’m broke. It simply means that I want to spend on things that are important and a priority to me rather than splurge on things that I don’t really need. The aim is: 

"To get rich, not to look rich"

When I landed my first job, I was very happy. Imagine, I’m earning on my own and the liberty of buying things I want, that was overwhelming. But then I was earning 6,000 Php a month as a registered nurse at a tertiary government hospital. By the way, I was working as a Job Order, thus the rate. But at that time, its better than having nothing at all. For the first year of working at that rate, I haven’t invested in anything. Whenever I get my pay, I party here and there and shop until I drop. My co-workers who have families would tell me to save for my future. I’ll just say yes, but in my mind, I would say: “the hell! I’m single and I’m enjoying my life.”

On my second year, everything changed. I was still a Job Order and my rate stays the same. I wanted to earn more so I divulged into selling RTW and accessories to co-workers just to have an extra income. I even went online searching for other ways to earn part-time. That’s when I realized that I have the ability to save my income and be frugal. Besides, I was single at that time and the only contribution I committed to my parents was our water utility bill.

I started saving money on a bank, and a few months after I was consistently depositing money they gave me a credit card. I had my first ever credit card that I always leave at home because I don’t want to be tempted to swipe on things


Saving money taught me to be frugal, focus on my priorities and be minimalistic. I’ve learned the value of money. I don’t always buy clothes because as long as they are not repairable or they are still presentable, I don’t need to replace them. I can even travel without being guilty about it. I mean, I won’t worry that my salary might not be enough to fund my travel. Because I have my travel fund. 

Saving money changed my perspective in life, profoundly. And I’m glad that it did.

Now that I’m married, I can say that being frugal helps a lot. My husband and I, we have our monthly budget tracker and goal. We can travel because we have our travel fund. We aren’t guilty to splurge on things we want because we have money saved for them. And we talk about it, our money, our income, our expenses, our savings — it’s not a taboo to us. 

How does money change your life?