Let me tell you a story about Belle, Ana, and Anabelle (all fictional characters).

Belle is in her early 30’s, a loving wife to her husband, a lovely and caring mother to her toddler child and they’re expecting a new baby in about five months from now. She’s running her own 2-year old business, a one-woman show. Juggling her business, her family, and her needs, she was good at it.

But she wanted to have more free time in her day to take care of herself especially now that she’s pregnant. She wants to expand her business, meaning she wanted to land more clients but she can’t handle more. She’s getting tired, getting overwhelmed, her task and to-do list are a mess, and she’s everywhere!

Now here’s Ana, she’s in her late 30’s, in a relationship, no child. She’s running her business full-time. Ana is very hands-on in her business, again a one-woman show. She thinks everything is under control, until one day she wanted to take a leave of absence and have a 2-weeks long vacation. Because, how can she enjoy her life if she keeps on running her business? But she can’t because no one will take care of her business while she’s away.

And then there’s Anabelle, who’s in her late 20’s, married to her loving husband, they have two kids (a pre-school and a toddler), she also runs her 3-year old business by herself. But late last year, her business was in full bloom! She gained new clients, she created a new product to sell, she have time to cook for her family, she even has time to do her makeup and have a relaxing spa-date with her girlfriends! And guess what, they’re having a 2-week extended vacation out of the country with their kids in tow!

How did she do all of that? She admitted that she needed help. She outsourced some tasks to a virtual assistant.

Photo credit: J. Kelly Brito (@hellokellybrito) on Unsplash

Photo credit: J. Kelly Brito (@hellokellybrito) on Unsplash

How do you know when it’s time to ask for help and outsource?

1. You don’t have all the time in your day, and you’re very exhausted.

2. You have no new clients, no new products to sell, and no time to get another client.

3. You are daydreaming about beach, sand, and sun.

If you answered yes to all these, then it’s time to lists of all the tasks that you need to take off your plate. Those tasks that you don’t love doing, so you can focus on what you’re good at and that’s growing your business.

What tasks are they?

Here are 10 tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

  1. Email and calendar management. Overwhelming inbox, unending calendar management? Let your virtual assistant tackle them all. Let her sort your inbox from what you needed to respond ASAP to those that are just promos, and let her remind you of your appointments and block off other arrangements so you can have your spa-date at 5 pm.

  2. Blogging, Podcasting, and YouTube tasks. I know it’s time-consuming to write a blog post, record a podcast and video. What more to proofread, edit, and upload them? Let your virtual assistant do that for you so you can focus on creating new content for next month.

  3. Social Media. Just updating your social media platforms every day takes all of your time. How much more when you engage with your followers and other users? Have your social media VA do all of that and instead show up on your business meetings and have time to network yourself and your business.

  4. Email Marketing. Not every business owners have the time to adding and removing subscribers to her email list or preparing email content to be sent every day, every week, or every month. Outsource them!

  5. Graphics creation. If you are not a graphic designer or if you have no skills or eye for design, don’t let this take most of your time. Have someone do this for you so you can have time to cook dinner for your family or binge Netflix with your partner.

  6. Bookkeeping. Not everyone love numbers. I don’t judge you. Don’t let this be a headache. Let your virtual assistant do that for you so you can sleep at night soundly and not dream about it.

  7. Preparing slideshows. You have a webinar, a speaking engagement and you have no time to make your slideshows or even create one because you are busy doing other tasks. Do not fret! That’s why you need to hire a virtual assistant and instead practice your presentation so you can blow them off with your confidence and expertise.

  8. Research. Let’s admit it. Research takes too much time! But there are those gifted lads who are expert at it. Let them help you!

  9. Technical and Web Issues. Yes, not every business owners know the tech side of the business. But for some, they can do it in a blink of an eye. So why do it all yourself when there’s someone out there who can do it for you.

  10. File management. Files are everywhere and you don’t have time to organize them because you’re busy getting yourself out there. No worries, a virtual assistant can organize them for you so you won’t have a hard time looking for them everywhere!

You have an idea of what tasks you can outsource. It’s time you act on it!

Are you Belle, Ana, or you want to be Anabelle?

Find a virtual assistant, outsource your tedious tasks, and have time for yourself, your family, and grow your business!