Time Planning Kit by Alicia Grace Co.

Time Planning Kit by Alicia Grace Co.

Ever since I was young, I love to plan my day on a sheet of paper, or in a notebook; and when I grew up, I used a planner. I can say that I'm a pen and paper kind-of-girl.

Before starting out as a Virtual Assistant for busy women entrepreneurs, I was a nurse. As a nurse, planning our day and managing our time and energy is essential for us to be able to provide quality care to our patients and of course to be productive on our shift. When I started out as a Virtual Assistant, planning is not new to me. However, managing different clients on different time zones with diverse needs requires me to have a planner that could not only track my day, time and tasks but also I need a planner that is versatile like my job.

"Planning my weekly tasks and agendas."

"Planning my weekly tasks and agendas."

Then I found out about Alicia Grace Co on one of the Facebook Group I was in. Alicia Grace Co enables women to achieve their goals with printable planners that optimize their productivity, planning, and time management. That what I was looking for!

We made a few emails, and she sent me my printable Time Planning Kit. She has a variety of printable planners, by the way. She has a Goal-Getter Pack, Goal-Getter Planner, Planning Essentials Kit, Time Planning Kit (which I'm using), and a Productive Life Kit.

These planners have different functions, but they have one aim, to help you in optimizing your productivity.

Let's talk about the Time Planning Kit. What I love about it and what I don't like about it.

"Eating and planning, they rhyme!!!"

"Eating and planning, they rhyme!!!"


1.        It's printable and undated. Like I said, I was looking for a planner that is versatile like me. By versatile, I mean that there are days when I don't have much work or tasks, and I don't need to lists it down.

2.        Today's focus box. I love it because I could easily see and be reminded on my focus for the day. Don't you think it's incredible?

3.        Today's Top Three. I have read somewhere that to avoid overwhelming yourself and to increase your productivity, categorize your tasks and choose your top three tasks for the day. That is what I am doing when I use the Time Planning Kit planner, and I can say that it does works magic!

4.        For Tomorrow and Reflection box and Notes. I love the fact that I can write notes/remarks to my to-do's and that at the end of the day I could reflect on my to-do's and list down the tasks that I didn't accomplish.

5.        The Weekly Page. I love how I can see an overview of my week. What I list here is my TODAY's FOCUS. It's like my Today's Focus in a Glance!

6.        The color and design. Who wouldn't love the color combination and the fonts? I like the letter spacing, and the fonts are readable plus it looks very neat. The only thing that makes it untidy is my handwriting!

"Why did the Green made the song: 'When September ends?' Every time I hear September I remember the song!"

"Why did the Green made the song: 'When September ends?' Every time I hear September I remember the song!"


There's nothing much to not like about it because like I said it suits my personality. The only thing that I could say I don't like about it is the Health part. Why? Let's just put it this way; I'm not too serious about tracking my health. I know that it's important especially in my line of work, but I think it is sometimes a waste of time to follow it.

But for those who are diligently monitoring their health, this is awesome for you!

So, what do you think about the Time Planning Kit? I’m planning to get the Planning Essentials Kit. What do you think?

If you want to read more about it, you can visit Alicia Grace Co and see for yourself which planner suits you!

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